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Here is the listing of available Tutors.* Browse their bios to determine who might be a good fit. Tutor names are organized alphabetically and by county.

All Adult Learners and tutors must participate in a free interview prior to paid services to ensure compatibility on both side. For scheduling a free introductory interview, please click “Book A Session” in the main menu and select the first service, “Introductory Interview,” on the service listings.

Please refer any qualified Tutor candidates you know who can work with Adult Learners in your area to the program manager.

*Adult Literacy Ohio has the authority to reject any adult learner or tutor for reasons not related to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information.

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Allison Eckert

Allison has over twenty years of classroom teaching experience as an intervention specialist ranging from elementary to middle to high school. Allison is excited to join Adult Literacy Ohio to support adults who want to build their skills in reading, writing, and communication.

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Accepting LearnersHamilton

Amy Savage

Amy is a licensed speech language pathologist with 25+ years of experience working with early intervention-aged students through 12th graders. She has been on both sides of the table as service provider and a family member. Adults who are interested in working with Amy can expect to work on skills that will help them with not just reading books, but also filling out job applications, navigating street signs, and figuring out instructions on food preparation, electronics, etc.

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Accepting LearnersClermont

Annette Stump

Annette has taught reading and literacy for thirty years with experience in first grade, second grade, and as a reading support teacher. She is familiar with a variety of phonics systems and teaches an eclectic combination that results in tremendous measurable growth.

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Ashley Babb

Throughout her 21-year teaching career, Ashley has worked with a variety of students in the elementary setting. Ashley uses both Orton Gillingham methods and Wilson Foundations. She is very passionate about reading and loves showing people the joys of reading.

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Ashley Babb Adult Literacy Tutor

Ashley Shope

Ashley is a licensed intervention specialist and has over 12 years of experience working with people with developmental disabilities ages 5-32. Prior to teaching, Ashley was an Inclusion Support Specialist at Columbus Parks and Recreation where she advocated for and modeled best practices for inclusion throughout the Central Ohio community. Ashley is passionate about building relationships with her learners and having fun while teaching reading skills!

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Accepting LearnersDelawareFranklin

Atanya Brown

Atanya is a licensed intervention specialist with 11 years of experience ranging from elementary to high school levels. She can speak some Spanish and has taken English as a Second Language classes. Atanya uses Orton Gillingham in her tutoring.

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Breanna Tedrow

Breanna’s professional experience includes working with individuals with developmental disabilities and adult populations throughout her graduate school career and clinical fellowship year. Specifically she has worked in The Ohio State University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, Columbus City Schools, OSU Wexner Medical Center, Dodd Rehabilitation, and The Ohio State University Aphasia Initiative. Breanna uses Multi-sensory, language-based approaches. All her instruction is personalized, direct, and flexible.

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Breanna Tudrow Adult Literacy Tutor

Bri Brove

Bri has twelve years of teaching experience in grades 4-12. She has served on Intervention Teams, taught a Columbus State Remedial English Course, and tutored students in reading with a variety of needs. She has had 30 hours of Orton Gillingham training and incorporates that into her reading and writing instruction. Bri wants learners to know that she is patient and understanding and has a true passion for watching something “click” with her learners. Bri would also like families to know that she has two children with medical needs, and it is her top priority to make sure that learners and families feel comfortable and safe.

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