For Caregivers

Determining Program Readiness

Below are questions that we recommend asking your Adult Learner before signing up for Adult Literacy Ohio:

  • Are you excited to keep learning outside of school?
  • Do you want to improve your reading, writing, or communication skills?
  • Will you commit to meeting with a tutor consistently?

We are firm believers that motivation is a crucial ingredient to success. If your loved one wants to be in this program and meets the qualifying criteria– we want to hear from you!

How can I support my loved one so that they are successful in this program?

  • Play an active role in the interview process (We have a guide to help!)
  • Encourage consistent attendance
  • Assist with scheduling appointments in the DaySmart account as needed
  • Keep the lines of communication open with the Tutor
  • Support your Adult Learner with assignments on off days, as recommended by the Tutor

What Caregivers Are Saying


“Oh, so many good things I can share. The biggest growth from the first session – Justice knew all his letters but not the phonetic sounds of the letters. When we started this session, he only knew 2– r and m. As of this week, he knows ALL except I think y and g. Amazing! And now, he is using these to sound out words. Slow and steady has been his pace and growth, yet so amazing. And his confidence has soared!”

“Cassie has gained so much confidence. She is reading for fun constantly now, and she is reading louder because she’s more confident in her abilities. And of course, she has a goal to be a teacher or work in education – how cool is that?!”

“This isn’t an easy process, but we are making strides that we thought would never be attainable. What Michelle has accomplished is no small feat, but it certainly gives her confidence that she can learn even more. It is a great experience for Michelle, and she continues to look forward to each new session.”

“My son is loving growing with reading, word recognition and writing skills. Jake is learning how to use Siri to help with spelling unknown words while writing in everyday life. He has requested vacation days at work and written thank you notes to friends. Jake has grown an incredible amount confidence in his reading and sounding out unknown words. My son has never shown this much confidence! When completing his adult literacy survey, Jake expressed interest in reading to ‘little children’ and will begin monthly visits to a local school next week. This opportunity would have never happened without this program and his dedicated tutor, Carrie. We are thrilled and he is super proud of himself.”

“We never would have understood the depth of Cassie’s interests had it not been for this, and we have a few irons in the fire that we are really excited about! We are eternally grateful that you gave her this opportunity to participate. We have also learned a lot ourselves, both about how she learns and the importance of continuing her education in her adult years. And we are so excited to know that other adult learners will be able to benefit the way our daughter has!”