For Adult Learners

Taking the First Step

To participate in the program, Adult Learners must meet certain requirements. They must:

  • Have a current Individual Service Plan in Ohio or supply documentation to verify qualifying developmental disability and Ohio residency.
  • Have a qualifying developmental disability.
  • Be committed to meeting with their chosen tutor consistently.
  • Provide feedback to Adult Literacy Ohio, as requested.

Applications are reviewed by the Adult Literacy Ohio team in the order in which they are received. Learners are eligible for a maximum of 3 Adult Literacy Ohio grants. A limited number of grants are available each session. Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee you will receive a grant.

What Adult Learners Are Saying


“I enjoy learning new things, reading, and spelling.”

“My tutor was fun and encouraging. I like doing the tests and trying to beat my last score.”

“Wonderful to finally learn how to read. I could not read before, and now I have an interest and some skills in reading. I feel much more aware of things around me because I can read what they are. This program has been life changing!”

“I love my tutor. She is patient and kind. She has taught me so much that I never thought I would be able to do. I love my reading classes. My tutor is the Best!!!”
“I am learning a lot of things. Getting better at talking, reading books, and getting better at writing. I like learning more words and more challenging words.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you tell me more about the program?

Our Adult Learner User Guide provides an overview of the program and answers many frequently asked questions.

What is the process for booking my first tutor?


  1. Complete an application on
  2. If approved, you will receive an email notification, and an Adult Literacy Ohio DaySmart account will be created for you.
  3. Your grant will be added to your account to spend on sessions with tutors booked through Adult Literacy Ohio’s DaySmart account.


  1. Browse the bios of available candidates to find a tutor that fits your needs.
  2. Schedule a free interview with tutors of your choice by clicking “BOOK NOW.” Log into your account, select “Intro Interview,” and check out with your grant,
  3. You will receive an email confirmation of the appointment from the scheduling system. Please also wait for the tutor to confirm the interview and coordinate how it will occur (usually a phone or video call).


  1. Book paid services with your tutor by clicking “BOOK NOW.” Log into your account, select the session type, and check out with your grant.
  2. Funds will be deducted from your account as appointments are scheduled. Adult Literacy Ohio will pay tutors on your behalf until your funds have been exhausted.
How do I access my account?

Our How to Access Your Account guide provides step-by-step visual instructions about accessing your Adult Literacy Ohio account for the first time.

How do I book a tutor session?

Our How to Book a Session guide provides step-by-step visual instructions about how to book free interviews and paid sessions.

Who can be a tutor?
Licensed teachers or speech-language pathologists with a strong background in reading knowledge are encouraged to apply and join our network. Tutors must commit to administering and sharing the results of a pre-assessment, meeting with their Adult Learner twice weekly, and conducting and sharing the results of periodic progress monitoring. Tutors must be committed to creating or adapting materials to be respectful of their Adult Learners and responsive to their interests and needs.

*Retired teachers may join the platform with a current BCI Background Check.

What if I cannot find a tutor?
Please communicate with the Adult Literacy Ohio team. The team will help you in your effort. Some have found success by asking within their personal networks. However, to pay them using your grant, they must fill out the Tutor Application and be approved by the Adult Literacy Ohio team to be added to the Adult Literacy Ohio DaySmart platform.
What will I work on during my sessions?
Great question – it depends! During the first session, your tutor will talk with you about goals with participation. If you are a non-reader wanting to learn how to read, your tutor will likely be working with you on the fundamentals of reading. If you want more confidence reading aloud to loved ones, your tutor may work on fluency and volume with you. Some of our participants have a specific workplace skill they want to work on, such as writing emails. The program’s goal is for the session content to be meaningful and relevant to each unique Adult Learner’s needs, goals, and interests.
Do my funds expire?
Yes. Funds not spent by the end of each session expire and cannot be used for future sessions.
Is there a specific curriculum or set of materials used by the tutors in this program?
Not currently. Each Adult Learner has unique strengths and areas of growth. What may work well for one Adult Learner may be ineffective for another. The goal of this program is to provide a variety of options so that each Adult Learner has access to different choices. Access to and experience implementing evidence or research-based reading curriculum and willingness to adapt or create age-neutral materials that are highly interesting for individual Adult Learners are criteria we include in our recruiting and onboarding process for tutors.
Can I or someone in my family be a tutor for me?
No. We do not allow immediate family members or any family member living in the same household to be paid tutors through this program. We consider these “natural supports.” Immediate family members include the Adult Learner’s siblings, parents, or grandparents by blood, marriage, or adoption.
How do tutors get paid?
Tutors are paid directly by the site administrator only when Adult Learners book using their DaySmart account. If it is not on the calendar, the Adult Learner must pay for services out of pocket.
What if I have a tutor in mind already?
Wonderful! This way of using the program has been highly successful. Please have them fill out a Tutor Application. They will need an active ODE license or a current BCI Background Check. Approval by the Adult Literacy Ohio team is required to be added to the Adult Literacy Ohio DaySmart platform.