Empowering Adults with Developmental Disabilities Through Literacy.

What is Adult Literacy Ohio?

Adult Literacy Ohio is a self-directed, literacy focused program designed to meet adult learners where they are at to develop increased confidence and literacy skills to enhance community navigation, quality of life, and workforce development. Whether you are a non-reader wanting to work on functional literacy skills or a reader who wants to work on a specific area like improved comprehension, we encourage you to apply. Our tutors are dedicated to meeting you where you are…and helping you get to where you want to go!

Benefits of Improving Literacy

Improved Independence

People with higher literacy skills are less likely to rely on others to navigate daily life tasks like reading a bus schedule, understanding instructions for medications, and shopping at the local grocery store.

Access to Employment

Literacy skills are often necessary to meet the basic requirements of many jobs, such as reading instructions or safety information, filling out forms or applications, and communicating effectively with colleagues, customers, and supervisors.

Improved Quality of Life

Building literacy skills promotes a person’s growth by increasing access to information, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with others, and enabling them to better understand and navigate the world around them.

How Does the Program Work?

Adult Learners request a grant and upon approval, they can browse available tutors in their area and schedule interviews with tutors that look like they could be a good fit.  After a successful match, Learners can use their Adult Literacy Ohio grant to book learning sessions with their preferred tutor.

To participate in the program, Adult Learners must meet certain requirements. They must:


  • Have a qualifying developmental disability.
  • Have a current Individual Service Plan in Ohio or supply documentation to verify qualifying developmental disability and Ohio residency.
  • Provide feedback to Adult Literacy Ohio, as requested.
  • Be committed to meeting with their chosen tutor consistently.

Become a Tutor 

Adult Literacy Ohio gives educators and speech language pathologists an opportunity to make a life-changing difference in the lives of adults who want to improve their reading, writing, and communication skills. Our tutors enjoy the fulfilling opportunity to work with each participant in a personalized way, focusing on their unique needs and goals.

Tutors in the program are independent contractors who provide their own instruction, assessments, and materials. To participate, tutors must:

  • Supply a current Ohio Department of Education license or, in some cases, a current BCI background check.
  • Plan and provide one-on-one instruction, including administering pre-assessments, monitoring, and documenting student progress.
  • Share feedback with Learners, their families, and program staff.
  • Be committed to consistently meeting with adult learners through the duration of their grant period.  

Once accepted into the program, tutors create a schedule and bio, which are posted on adultliteracyohio.org for Adult Learners to access and book.