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Many adults with developmental disabilities are eager and motivated to improve their reading, writing, and communication skills. Educators and speech-language pathologists have the unique talents it takes to help them achieve their goals. If you are an educator dedicated to life-long learning, passionate about the power of literacy, and committed to improving the lives of adults with developmental disabilities – we want to hear from you! As a tutor for the Adult Literacy Ohio Program, you can do the work you love on a schedule that works for you. 

Our tutors are independent contractors who set their hours and use their own materials. Tutors must be willing to work in person and are responsible for administering a pre-assessment, planning, and providing one-on-one instruction, and documenting progress. Sharing feedback with Adult Literacy Ohio staff, Adult Learners, and their families is also essential. 

Enrollment for tutors is ongoing and we encourage you to submit an application at any time! Enrollment for learners is rolling and will remain open until all program spots have been filled. Applications are reviewed by the Adult Literacy Ohio Team in the order in which they are received.

To get started, complete the application by clicking the link below.*

*Immediate family members and those in the same household as an approved Adult Learner cannot apply to be tutors.

What Tutors Are Saying


“I have LOVED this opportunity to work with my Adult Learner on developing and reinforcing his skills. I am growing as an educator by working with him. I love our conversations and his effort and work ethic!”

“Tutoring for this program is the highlight of my week. I work with an awesome young man who is 22. He is a delight, and his family has been amazingly supportive. I believe I am making a difference in his life.”

“It is very enjoyable and fulfilling. I absolutely love the family I am working with.”

“I have loved working with my Adult Learner and his family. His hard work, goal-driven personality, and positive attitude allows him to do amazing things. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization.“

Tutor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can be a tutor?

Educators or speech-language pathologists with an active Ohio Department of Education license who are passionate about literacy and want to help adults improve their reading, writing, and communication skills are encouraged to join the platform! Retired educators are also welcome with a current BCI background check.*

Materials are not provided. All candidates must be comfortable administering their own diagnostics, evaluating results, and prescriptively tailoring instruction to meet the needs of each Adult Learner.

*Immediate family members, or anyone living in the same household as an approved Adult Learner, cannot apply to be tutors. Immediate family members include the Adult Learner’s siblings, parents, or grandparents by blood, marriage, or adoption. Businesses cannot be tutors for the Adult Literacy Ohio Program. The site is built for individual contractors only. The person advertised on the platform must be the person who provides services. Tutors must commit to providing in-person services. Tutors are independent contractors and not employees of DSACO.

Does Adult Literacy Ohio provide resources, materials, or curriculum?

Currently, we do not provide materials. Instead, we invest in recruiting educators and speech-language pathologists with access to tools and resources. We acknowledge that each Adult Learner has unique strengths and areas of growth. What may work well for one Adult Learner may be ineffective for another. The goal of this program is to provide a variety of options so that each Adult Learner has access to different choices.

How are goals and session content determined?

Goals should be developed in partnership with the Adult Learner and grounded in the Big 5 of reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension). Use the pre-assessment tools of your choice to determine what areas your Adult Learner needs to address as they relate to these Big 5 components.

Here is one example:

Adult Learner Jake says that his main goal with participation is to read aloud to younger children and to ask for help at work less. Tutor pre-assessments indicate that he needs to work on fluency, comprehension, and word attack skills for more challenging words.

The tutor established two SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals for monthly data tracking and submitted them to Adult Literacy Ohio team for review along with a proposed data management strategy:

    1. Jake will engage in discussions and respond to comprehension questions over the book/passage he has read aloud with 80% accuracy, three out of four attempts without shaking his head (I don’t know) and with no more than two guided prompts. Data samples to include comprehension quizzes.
    2. Using Aimsweb grade level 4 reading passages, Jake will read 72 or more words with at least 90% accuracy. Data samples to include Aimsweb passages with corresponding percentages of accuracy.

With the help of his tutor, Jake is now ready to read aloud to younger students with increased fluency, a better grasp of comprehension skills – and the CONFIDENCE to take on this task.

What happens if my Adult Learner is not making progress?

Please remember that Adult Learners in this program come in with various skill sets – and goals with participation. We trust you to use your professional discretion and expertise in implementing different strategies to see what is effective for your Adult Learner. That said, we know that progress can take time. Sometimes, tasks that seem to be mastered one week are forgotten the next, so regular review is needed. It is important to teach generalization of learning and skills to new situations. If you come to a point where the established goals are creating frustration and not fostering a positive relationship with literacy, do not hesitate to contact Adult Literacy Ohio. We can work together to develop new goals more compatible with the Adult Learner’s needs, desires, and strengths.

How do tutors get paid?

Tutors are paid only when Adult Learners book paid sessions using their DaySmart account. We cannot back-pay tutors for any appointments, not on the calendar. Please do not accept appointments not scheduled in the DaySmart scheduling system.

How are the pay rates structured?

*Contractor will not charge a lower hourly rate to any client outside of the program. 

  • Speech language therapists are welcome with submission of current credentials and a current BCI background check.
  • Retired educators are welcome with proof of education and training and a current BCI background check.
  • Literacy includes reading, writing, and communication.
What is the timing of this commitment? How long are Adult Learners usually served in the program?

Learners are usually served between 6 –12 months, depending on program model and funding source. When you are matched with a learner, Adult Literacy Ohio staff will work with you to help you understand funding source and program trajectoryLearners or tutors can elect to stop services at any time, for any reason.  

*Adult Learners are never guaranteed to receive a grant, and grants can be removed if not used appropriately.

Can I offer group services?

No. Only one Adult Learner can book a given time slot. We do not allow tutors to offer group rates. Since the interests, needs, and skill sets vary across Adult Learners, we believe that 1:1 instruction is the best way to maximize impact.

Does Adult Literacy Ohio partner with businesses or organizations that provide educational services?

No. The platform is only available for independent contractors to add bios and offer 1:1 service to families. We do not partner with groups, organizations, or other businesses providing educational services.

Can I book appointments for Adult Learners?

No. Adult Learners must book appointments through the site to pay for their services with their Adult Literacy Ohio grant. Tutors do not have access to this. If your Adult Learner needs assistance, please encourage them to reach out to our staff at

Can I assign “homework” to my Adult Learner?

Absolutely! This is a great topic to discuss during an introductory interview. We refer to work outside of a tutoring session as an assignment. We recognize that repetition is essential to success and encourage you to include opportunities for independent practice outside of your scheduled sessions. 

Tutor Resources

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Review our policies, guidelines, and rules for participating in the program, plus how to access your calendar and appointments.

Learn how to access your account, cancel or reschedule an appointment, block your calendar, and more with this helpful, in-depth guide.


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