Available Tutors: Accepting Learners

Accepting LearnersHamilton

Amy Savage

Amy is a licensed speech language pathologist with 25+ years of experience working with early intervention-aged students through 12th graders. She has been on both sides of the table as service provider and a family member. Adults who are interested in working with Amy can expect to work on skills that will help them with not just reading books, but also filling out job applications, navigating street signs, and figuring out instructions on food preparation, electronics, etc.

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Accepting LearnersClermont

Annette Stump

Annette has taught reading and literacy for thirty years with experience in first grade, second grade, and as a reading support teacher. She is familiar with a variety of phonics systems and teaches an eclectic combination that results in tremendous measurable growth.

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Accepting LearnersDelawareFranklin

Atanya Brown

Atanya is a licensed intervention specialist with 11 years of experience ranging from elementary to high school levels. She can speak some Spanish and has taken English as a Second Language classes. Atanya uses Orton Gillingham in her tutoring.

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Accepting LearnersCuyahoga

Carmen Simmons

Carmen is a licensed intervention specialist with five years of classroom teaching experience.Carmen has a strong passion for working with people with developmental disabilities and supporting them in becoming as independent as possible.

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Accepting LearnersFranklinUnion

Carrie Romine

Throughout her 27-year professional career as an Intervention Specialist, Carrie has served many students with various learning disabilities and needs. She will deliver instruction specifically using the Orton-Gillingham framework.

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Carrie Romine Adult Literacy Tutor
Accepting LearnersMontgomery

Dominick Wise

Dominick is a licensed substitute teacher with a master’s degree in special education. He has eleven years of tutoring experience and five years of teaching experience at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Dominick firmly believes that all people can learn regardless of ability. He loves being an educator and is passionate about lifelong learning!

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Accepting LearnersFranklin

Dona Holmstrom

Dona has been a special education teacher for 22 years and has worked with a variety of grade levels. She also brings a personal passion to this work as she has a daughter with Down syndrome. Dona is excited to join this program because she knows that the ability to read and write can help people be more independent and do so many enjoyable things.

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