Amy Savage

City: Wyoming
Travel Range: +/- 30 minutes
Amy Savage

Education and Certifications:

  • Master's in Speech Language Pathology
  • Licensed Speech Language Pathologist




Amy is a licensed speech language pathologist with 25+ years of experience working with early intervention-aged students through 12th graders. She has been on both sides of the table as service provider and a family member – her only sibling has developmental disabilities and lives in a group home. Additionally, Amy is a learning provider for Learning Aid Ohio and has loved building relationships with students and families through that program and collaborating with members of their “village.” Amy believes that communication and literacy are incredibly powerful tools that are used and improved throughout the lifespan – and instruction and growth do not need to end when formal schooling does! She is excited to join this program and offer a unique perspective to language learning through literacy. Adults who are interested in working with Amy can expect to work on skills that will help them with not just reading books, but also filling out job applications, navigating street signs, and figuring out instructions on food preparation, electronics, etc.