Renee Ripple

Travel Range: +/- 30
Renee Ripple

Education and Certifications:

  • Master’s in Education
  • Licensed Adolescent to Young Adult Educator (Grades 7-12) – Integrated Language Arts
  • Career-Based Intervention Endorsement (Grades 7-12)




Renee is a licensed educator with over 17 years of experience teaching English classes and Journalism in 7th – 12th grades. Additionally, she has a Career-Based Intervention Endorsement. For a decade now, her work has centered around struggling readers at the high school level. Renee is excited to join this program because she knows that literacy is a pathway for learners of any age to gain knowledge and information. Beyond functional literacy, there is the pleasure of reading fiction for enjoyment. Everyone deserves this opportunity! Renee has enjoyed teaching readers of all abilities in her classes. She also enjoys partnering with the Athens Public Library to help bring the joy of literacy to all the students in her rural school.