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Atanya Brown

Atanya is a elementary school Intervention Specialist working with children in the 4th-5th grade. I also have experience working high school age students with various learning challenges. Last year she received her CALP (certified academic language practitioner) certification. She can speak some Spanish and has taken English as a Second Language classes. Atanya uses Orton Gillingham in her tutoring. She shares that she hears stories from parents of her students about how they are not able to read. Atanya is excited to join Adult Literacy Ohio to use her knowledge of reading with adults who are excited to learn and really want the opportunity to work one on one with a qualified professional who can help.

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Accepting LearnersDelaware

Ingrid Swisher

Ingrid has 23 years of teaching experience, including classroom instruction and in-home tutoring. She has access to Orton Gillingham, Stevenson, and Wilson materials and many resources to help improve reading comprehension ( materials for vocabulary, making inferences, visualizing, sequencing, etc.)

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Ingrid Swisher Adult Literacy Tutor
Accepting LearnersFranklin

Jennifer Barstow

Jennifer has been working with adults since she volunteered with ATCO, the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohio University Respite Program in 2010. She was also a tutor at the Ohio University Academic Advancement Center. Additionally, Jennifer also used to volunteer for the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities. She is excited to use her background and experience to serve adults in the Adult Literacy Ohio Program.

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